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Google Chrome 5

Google Chrome 5

Google Chrome 5

Google recently launched the beta version of Google Chrome, 5 the next iteration of the Web browser search giant. New features include HTML 5 specification as geolocation and drag the file-and-drop, capacity expansion timing clouds, integration Flash and JavaScript engine speed increases.

Google introduced Chrome bookmark sync for the last year, which allows you to store your bookmarks in Chrome cloud and access them from any computer running Chrome. The latest beta version of Chrome expands the synchronization capabilities of the browser to include synchronization for visual themes, home page and startup parameters, the parameters of Web content, and language.

To begin synchronizing expanded beta of Chrome, click the key icon at the far right corner of your browser and select “Set Up Sync. Just log into your Google account through the pop-up window that appears, Chrome and save all your settings to your Google Docs account.

Chrome Incognito Mode allows you to surf the web without saving your browsing or search history and blocks cookies from the website. Incognito mode but also prevents any of your extensions to run Chrome in Incognito window. Chrome beta 5 now allows you to use your extensions in incognito mode, but you’ll have to reactivate them.

The programming standard for Web pages may not be officially ready yet, but this has not prevented Google from implementing some of its exciting new features. Google Chrome Beta 5 introduces file drag and drop capabilities, location-based (as functions of Google MyLocation), and caching of offline application (Google Gears replacement). The new beta version of Chrome has also taken Web, making it easier and faster for web based applications to communicate with their host servers.

Just open Chrome beta 5 and start watching online videos from YouTube, Hulu, and Megavideo. Google says Chrome will integrate with Flash safer for users, and all updates will be delivered via Flash Player function automatic update of Chrome.

Google says Google Chrome 5 beta improves the speed of the browser’s JavaScript engine as measured by the SunSpider JavaScript benchmarks and V8. JavaScript is a programming language used to build interactive Web pages and Web applications. Browser makers usually focus on improving the JavaScript rendering speeds to improve browser performance.

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Google I/O 2009 – Google’s HTML 5 Work: What’s Next? Matthew Papakipos Learn about new features in HTML 5 that enhance and enrich the web experience. Learn about new features in HTML 5, how they’ll be supported in Chrome, and our latest plans for new functionality. The web browser is quickly evolving into a rich platform with access to all the capabilities that your computer has to offer. This talk will help you understand what is possible and how to write applications that use the latest APIs. For presentation slides and all I/O sessions, please go to: code.google.com/events/io/sessions.html
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Google I/O 2010 – Geospatial apps for desktop and mobile

Google I/O 2010 – Geospatial apps for desktop and mobile

Google I/O 2010 – Map once, map anywhere: Developing geospatial applications for both desktop and mobile Geo 201 Mano Marks As the number of desktop and mobile platforms proliferates the cost of developing and maintaining multiple versions of an application continues to increase. This session illustrates how the JS Maps API can be used to simplify cross platform geospatial application development by enabling a single implementation to be shared across multiple platforms, while maintaining a native look and feel. For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to code.google.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5


create website software create website online create website google create website template free website website builder design website blog Learn HTM

create website software create website online create website google create website template free website website builder design website blog Learn HTM

Once you start building Web pages, you will want to learn the languages that build them. HTML is the building block of Web pages. CSS is the language used to make those Web pages pretty. And XML is the markup language for programming the Web. Understanding the basics of HTML and CSS will help you build better Web pages, even if you stick with WYSIWYG editors. And once you’re ready, you can expand your knowledge to XML so that you can handle the information that makes all Web pages function. The information on this page will help you learn the languages that make up the Web.

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1. What is HTML?

2. HTML Tutorial

3. HTML Tag Library

4. Reviews of HTML Editors

5. What is CSS?

6. CSS Tutorial

7. Style Properties

8. What is XML?

9. XML Tutorial

10. XML Specifications

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What is HTML?


HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is the basic building block of a Web page. These articles start with the basics of HTML. Even if you have very little experience with computers, if you’re willing to take the time, you can learn HTML and start building your own Web pages.

* Building a Web Page for the Totally Lost

* What is HTML?

* 8 Cheap and Easy Ways to Learn HTML

* How to Build a Basic Web Page

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* Five Easy Steps to Starting Your Web Page

* Why are There Different Versions of HTML?

* HTML Glossary

HTML Tutorial

If you want to learn HTML, you can take an online course or follow the steps in this tutorial to learn HTML.

* Write HTML in Windows Notepad

* Write HTML in Macintosh TextEdit

* Basic HTML Tags

* HTML Tags for Text

* How to Add Headings, Bold, and Italics in HTML

* Using HTML to Make Lists

* Linking to Other Pages

* Adding Images to Web Pages with HTML

* Uploading Your Web Pages to the Internet

* Free HTML Course

HTML Tag Library

HTML tags are the basics of HTML. Once you understand how HTML works, you’ll want to know more about the tags and elements that you can use in your Web pages. The About.com HTML Tag Library provides information about HTML 4.01 tags and XHTML 1 elements as well as tags outside the specification. The HTML attributes covers all the attributes you can use in the tags. And the HTML codes let you put special characters into your Web pages.

* HTML Tag Library

* HTML Attributes

* HTML Codes and Special Characters

* HTML Tag References and Information

Reviews of HTML Editors

While many people use text editors to write their HTML, there are a lot of great software programs out there to help you write HTML.

* Choose an HTML Editor

* Before You Buy an HTML Editor

* Business Case for Editor Types (WYSIWYG vs. Text)

* The Best Text Editors for Windows

* The Best Text Editors for Macintosh

What is CSS?


CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, lets Web designers affect the look and feel of their Web pages. CSS is the way that you implement most design features in your Web pages. These articles explain the basics of CSS and how you can start learning to add style to your Web pages.

* What is CSS?

* Your First Style Sheet

* CSS Step by Step

* 10 Tips to Learning CSS

* CSS Tip of the Day

* CSS Glossary

* CSS Editors

* More Beginning CSS Articles

CSS Tutorial

There is a free short course on learning CSS. This course takes you through the basics of CSS in 5 days. But if you want to go deeper into CSS or at a faster or slower pace, use this tutorial to walk through all the elements of Cascading Style Sheets.

* Learn CSS in 5 Days – Free Class

* The Basics of CSS

* CSS Syntax

* How to Add Styles to Web Pages

* Modify Fonts with CSS

* Adjust Text with CSS

* The CSS Box Model

* Backgrounds and CSS

* CSS and Lists

* CSS Positioning and Layout

* Styling Tables, Frames, and Forms

* Advanced CSS Topics

* More CSS Help

Style Properties

Style properties are like tags in HTML. They are what make CSS do what it does. Once you understand how to put CSS in your documents, then you can start learning the many different properties in CSS versions 1, 2, and 3.

* CSS 1 Properties

* CSS 2 Properties

* CSS 2 vs CSS 1 – What’s The Difference?

* CSS 2 Selectors

* What is CSS 3?

* CSS 3 Selectors That Work Right Now

* CSS Pseudo Properties

* CSS Selectors

What is XML?


XML, or eXtensible Markup Language, is a way to bring your HTML skills to a whole new level. By learning XML you learn how markup languages work. These articles explain the basics of XML and take you through why you might want to learn more about the eXtensible Markup Language.

* What is XML?

* Frequently Asked Questions about XML

* Write Your First XML Document

* Who Uses XML?

* Origin and Design Goals of XML

* XML Resource Center

XML Tutorial

The free XML class teaches you all about XML in a weekly email course over ten weeks. Or you can go through the articles here to learn more about XML at your own pace.

* Free XML Class

* Elements in XML

* Attributes and XML

* Making an XML Document Well-Formed

* What is a DTD or Document Type Definition?

* How do you use DTDs in Markup

* XML Glossary

* XML Articles

* More XML Tutorials

XML Specifications

XML specifications are how XML is implemented in the real world. One XML specification you might recognize is XHTML. This is HTML re-written to be XML compliant. But there are also a lot of other specifications that you may have seen that are actually XML.

* What is XHTML?

* Write for Cell Phones and Handheld Devices with XHTML Basic, a Sub-set of XHTML

* Introduction to XSL

* What is XSLT?

* The Difference Between CSS and XSLT

* Start Learning XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO)

* RSS – Really Simple Syndication is the Easiest XML Language to Learn

* Learn to Write Privacy Policies with the P3P Specification

* What is SOAP?

* Write XML that Talks with VoiceXML

* Introduction to XPath

* Learn How to Use CDF to Push Your Content Out to Your Readers

* More XML Specifications

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Safari – Google – Free Tools -Freeline Report 3.20.08

Safari – Google – Free Tools -Freeline Report 3.20.08

www.freelinereport.com Apple has released a new version of the Safari web browser, but this one works on Windows. That’s right — Safari is still free to download and no longer just for Macs. There may even be a Linux version in the near future. Plus, this new version of Safari is sleek and smaller than before, and it supports all the latest web technologies like HTML 5 and CSS 3, and it allows you to use web applications like Gmail and Google Docs — offline. http Ajax and javascript can really improve the look and feel of your web site, but unless you’re a javascript programmer, that doesn’t help you very much. The Six Revisions blog for web development and design has links to ten cool scripts — all free — that you can install yourself to spice up your site. The list includes a free site tour creator and one called Image Flow that lets your visitors scroll through a group of images, just like an iPod. www.freelinereport.com Yahoo brought out a new three year plan to grow their revenue by 73 percent. Most of the projection involves beefing up key components like the click thru rates in search, display and video ads. These projections seem a bit optimistic juxtaposed against their current financial woes, but we’ll see. www.freelinereport.com Adobe announced that with Apple’s release of the iPhone Software Developers Kit, they can start making a version of Flash that will work on the iPhone. Until now, lack of Flash support on the iPhone has meant a weaker web browsing


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Google I/O 2010 – Keynote Day 1 – Full Length

Google I/O 2010 – Keynote Day 1 – Full Length

Google I/O 2010 – Keynote Day 1 Video footage from Day 1 keynote at Google I/O 2010 Vic Gundotra, Engineering Vice President, Google Sundar Pichai, Vice President, Product Management, Google Charles Pritchard, Founder, MugTug Jim Lanzone, CEO, Clicker Mike Shaver, VP Engineering, Mozilla Corporation Håkon Wium Lie, CTO, Opera Software Kevin Lynch, CTO, Adobe Systems Terry McDonell, Editor, Sports Illustrated Group Lars Rasmussen, Manager, Google Wave David Glazer, Engineering Director, Google Paul Maritz, President & CEO, VMware Ben Alex, Senior Staff Engineer, SpringSource Division of VMware, Bruce Johnson, Engineering Director, Google Kevin Gibbs, Software Engineer, Google For all I/O 2010 sessions, please go to code.google.com

Google Voice iPhone App vs HTML5 Web App

Google Voice iPhone App vs HTML5 Web App

www.rebliss.com Apple has finally approved the Google Voice iPhone app. Until now iPhone users had to access Google Voice through their web browser. The iPhone app will send push notifications for new text and voice messages and also integrates with the iPhone’s contacts. Watch the video to compare the two, the iPhone app vs. the web app.

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Google Voice in your mobile browser

Google Voice in your mobile browser

This video shows Google Voice for HTML5-enabled mobile browsers, like iPhone 3.0+ and Palm Web OS. Learn more and see all the mobile apps at m.google.com

DICOM Web client on Google Chrome browser using HTML5 & Javascript only.

DICOM Web client on Google Chrome browser using HTML5 & Javascript only.

ajaxian.kr www.facebook.com

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